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Ordinarily Outdoor Country does not participate in seconds or imperfects programs, but this is one of the best snake-proof boots available to us and the price is ordinarily $259.95 on the Men's & $255.95 on the Women's and we know there are folks who need the protection and can appreciate the deeply discounted price.

Boots may have scratches, leather blemishes,  uneven coloration, uneven stitching or other imperfections that will not affect the snake-proof protection afforded by these boots.  They are guaranteed Snake Proof from the Bottom of the sole to the top of the Boot.

Boxes will be marked as "imperfect" indicating they do have flaws and they are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty and are being sold  "as is".    (We have sold a lot of these "Imperfects" now and they are not bad boots. To be honest, most of the time, I can't even see why they are classified as imperfect.  And they are all guaranteed Snake Proof)

Boots may be returned to Outdoor Country for exchange or refund, provided they are unworn and still have the original packaging. Although the original order is  shipped free, if returned, you will be responsible for the return shipping which could be between $12.00 - $16.50 per pair depending on packaged weight, shipping method and distance shipped. A flat rate of $12.00 per pair will be charged to ship all exchanges. Boots returned for a refund will be charged a $15.00 restocking fee.  For more information on returning see our return policy.    Return Policy          View Cart



Chippewa 23913 Guaranteed snake proof even on the sole

Boxes Marked as "Imperfect"

Guaranteed Snakebite Protection

Chippewa 23913-IMP  Chippewa 23913 Snake Boot

*Best Selling Snakeboot in America

Men's Snake Boot 

Game Guard  Chippewa boot Handcrafted in the USA

17" Brown Leather/Cordura Snake Boot

Average Circumference of shaft 17" (will vary slightly depending on boot size)

Goodyear Leather Welt Construction

1000 Denier Cordura Viper Cloth

Vibram Robinson Outsole

Men's Chippewa 23913-IMP

"As Is" Price $195.00 

(First Run $259.95)


Men's  Sizes  Limited

$195.00 - Sale $170.00  *Free Shipping*

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