Men's Shortsleeve Pull Over Performance Shirt

Cool, Light-Weight and Fast Drying

XOTIC MEN'S Short SLEEVE PERFORMANCE SHIRT - BROWN &  TAN TONE with hints of green and black CAMO

Xotic Men's HD Short Sleeve Performance Shirt


Picture yourself reeling in a monster right off the gulf coast on a sunny day. The last thing you want on your mind is the heat on your back and a sweat drenched shirt. Those thoughts are a thing of the past with the Xotic Performance Fishing Shirts that feature breathable, moisture wicking technology that keeps you cool all day. Improve your all-around fishing experience with the best performance fishing gear on the market.

When you need to perform, Xotic's performance shirts keep you protected from the sun, feeling comfortable, and grant full range of motion.  Each shirt is designed with Xotic's signature X-Tech Technology and a small percentage of spandex to give the wearer unrestricted movement.

Xotic Men's HD Short Sleeve Performance Shirt - Brown and Tan CamoXotic Men's HD Short Sleeve Performance Shirt - Brown and Tan Camo 

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Tagless Design

Stretch Fabric for Maximum Maneuverability

Superior Breathability

83% Polyester 17% Spandex

UV Protection

Moisture Wicking


Sizes XS - 3XL   Out of XL


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